Davy Stephens Tile
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Custom Mud-built Showers, Floors and Countertops

"One step ahead of the rest."


Davy's Life Story (almost)

The son of a tile man, it seemed natural for me to enter the trade.  I've been at it for 27 years.  Guess I'll stay with it a while longer.

I'm a native Texan, but just barely. I was born in 1956 in Winters, Texas, a small town south of Abilene.  When I was two months old my family moved to Southern California, and I lived there until 1972.  While in California I went to Excelsior High School in Norwalk.

In 1972 we moved to Henderson. Texas, southeast of Tyler, where I graduated from Henderson High School.  It was there that I met the girl of my dreams, Joy.

In December 1974 my family decided to head west (to California) again, and Joy came along. We were married in March 1975.  In 1978, my first daughter, Melissa, was born. Not long after Melissa's birth, Texas called again, and we moved to Princeton, a small town to the northeast of Dallas.

In 1980 my second daughter, Christi, was born, and in 1982 my son, Davy Jr., came along.  Kelly, our third daughter, arrived in 1987.  In 2002 Christi and husband Jeremy give us our first grand baby, Sarah.

Oh, and my tile experience.  :-)

I've done tile and general construction work since I was a teenager.  My dad and I first went into business together in 1975 out in California. We moved the business to the Dallas area in '78.  When my father moved back to California in 1982, I went on my own, and I've been at it since.

I've worked for numerous custom home-builders, remodeling contractors, decorators and homeowners.  I offer you quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

I don't think anyone's interested in seeing a picture of me, but how about this?

Sarah.  Ain't she something?


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